LED Drainlight

Drainage + Illumination

A future-oriented solution that combines aesthetic demands with practical requirements. It is preferably for outdoor use and combines TTC Timmler Technology drainage systems with atmospheric LED lighting from ADO Lights.

The LED Drainlight is available in 3 different versions of drainage systems. With grilles, glass cover, or with a slotted channel, always in combination with light. All combinations of exterior luminaires by ADO Lights — ranging from ambient lightlines, to ground-recesses spots and RGB Wallwasher — can be freely combined with the drainage systems.

Even after installing the Drainlight, you can flexibly choose your lighting accents, as it has a dimmable and controllable DALI or DMX interface. This allows you to adjust the Drainlight to the desired effect.

LED Drainlight with grate cover allows rainwater to drain off reliably via stainless steel drainage channels. The integrated recessed ADO Lights LED Wallwasher, the angle of which can be individually determined, illuminates building fronts from the outside. Thanks to the natural glare protection of the grille the observer is not dazzled by the high-power light.

With the LED Drainlight with glass cover, the stainless steel construction is protected from leaves and dirt, while rainwater and condensation water can drain off unhindered thanks to the drainage channels. Another plus point is the uncomplicated maintenance.

LED drainlight with slot gutter combined with light, sets luminous lines in the dark, as an eye-catcher or signpost. It sets accents on façades or even in floor areas – they are always a visual highlight.

The exclusive residential complex in Düsseldorf is a beautiful project which shows that necessary drainage systems can also be beautiful. In the middle of the old town stands the former Düsseldorf District and County Court, and after revitalisation, it is now home to an exclusive residential quarter – an ensemble of old and new buildings, under whose roofs many different uses come together: in addition to condominiums, there is also a hotel and so-called serviced flats, plus a diverse range of gastronomy, art and culture.

The staircase to the main entrance with TTC slotted channels made of stainless steel offers just as clean a reception as the TTC entrance mats with black burnished angle frames that have light lines on the sides.

The highlight in the inner courtyard is an oval basin, discreetly illuminated by a Drainlight with a curved LightLine in combination with drainage channels and cover grilles made of stainless steel. Drainage systems and gratings in the same look can be found at the passages and facades, terraces and balconies.

The LED Drainlight is not just a drainage channel, but a lighting concept that meets high standards. It offers the possibility to skilfully emphasise architectural design.

Published on October 11, 2022

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