Danish Jewish Museum, Copenhagen

The Danish Jewish Museum in Copenhagen is an architectural gem located in the historic old building of the former Royal Library on Slotsholmen, an island in the middle of Copenhagen’s city center. This important museum was opened in 2004 and is the work of the renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, who is known for his unique and symbolic buildings.

From the outside, the museum looks like a historical relic embedded in a modern era. The façade of the old building complex, which once served as a royal library, still radiates the splendor of past centuries. However, upon entering the interior, visitors are transported into a fascinating world of design and symbolism, similar to the famous Jewish Museum in Berlin, which was also designed by Libeskind. The interior of the Copenhagen Museum is designed as a labyrinth that guides visitors through the history and culture of the Jewish people.

In 2022, the museum underwent an outdoor extension that further improved its accessibility and attractiveness for visitors. A modern entrance area was created, which now gives visitors access to the museum via the so-called “Library Garden”. This garden is not just a passageway, but also a place of calm and contemplation that prepares visitors for their upcoming experience.

When designing the modern entrance area, care was taken not to detract from the sculptural character of the historic building. The lighting was therefore cleverly concealed in the floor. Eight LED light lines were recessed flush with the architecture and supplemented with recessed floor spotlights for accentuation. This subtle lighting not only contributes to the safety and orientation of visitors at night, but also emphasizes the unique architectural features of the building in an unobtrusive way.

Overall, the Danish Jewish Museum in Copenhagen is not only a place of remembrance and reflection, but also an architectural masterpiece that connects the past and the present in a fascinating way.

Products installed in this project:

Lightline: 8 LED light line LLF 40.30, straight version. Aluminum profile, fully encapsulated with opaque surface for diffuse light emission. No dark spots at the transitions. LEDs in white with a color temperature of 3000 K.

2 LED recessed floor spotlights: stainless steel housing for flush installation in the floor. The LEDs also emit white light with a color temperature of 3000 K and have asymmetrical microprismatic optics for glare-free light emission. The units are DALI dimmable.

1 LED floor spotlight HL-15 VA: Stainless steel housing for flush installation in the floor. The LEDs have a color temperature of 3000 K and emit light with a beam angle of 15°. The beam direction is adjustable and this unit is also DALI dimmable.

Architects: Daniel Libeskind, New York | Bertelsen & Scheving Arkitekter, Copenhagen

Photographer: Hufton + Crow | Peter von Pigage

Pictures: TTC Timmler Technology

Published on February 8, 2024

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