LED-Drainlight | Light + Glass or Grating

A forward looking solution, connecting aesthetic aspirations and practical requirements. For exterior applications: LED Drainlight combines stainless steel drainage channels with an impressive LED illumination of buildings.

So beautiful, so useful: This LED Drainlight model allows rainwater to be reliably drained away through stainless steel draining channels. The integrated LED illumination, which has an angle that can be individually determined, works whatever the weather – come rain or shine. Building fronts are illuminated
from the outside. Linear or cross gratings protect the construction.

LED Drainlight with glass cover

Highest possible protection: When LED Drainlight has a glass cover, neither leaves not dirt can enter the stainless steel construction. However, rainwater and condensed water can drain away freely thanks to its drainage channels. The integrated LED light strip illuminates the façades above precisely at the desired angle. Another plus point is its simple maintenance.


  • For detached houses, villas, hotels, museums,
    parks, gardens, churches, castles, historic buildings
  • Façade illumination out of the drainage system – or
    with glass cover – out of the ground
  • Interactive integration into existing medial light systems
  • Can be used in interior and exterior applications
  • The light colours are dimmable and controllable using DMX

PDF: ADO Lights LED Drainlight

PDF: ADO Lights LED Drainlight Fountains + Basins

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