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Truderinger Straße

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Location: Germany / Munich / Type: Squares and Plazas / Streets / Water features / Built: 2022 /
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The aim of redesigning Truderinger Straße in Munich as a local centre was to create a lively district centre for everyone, with:

– Equal use and distribution of urban space for motorised traffic, cyclists and pedestrians.
– A balanced relationship between movement and recreational areas.
– A response to climate change with the creation of a climate-friendly urban space with shaded areas and water retention areas (SuDS).

As an independent urban space and traffic-calmed business area, Truderinger Strasse has become the centre of the Trudering district, with new spacious pedestrian areas, climate-friendly recreational spaces and contemporary furnishings.

To achieve this, the 4-lane thoroughfare was first transformed into a 2-lane residential street with a 30 km/h speed limit. The ratio of traffic area to pedestrian space has therefore been reversed in favour of amenity spaces for passers-by and residents. Today, the residents of Trudering have almost 6,600 square metres of qualitatively designed open space at their disposal for socialising and recreation.
The principle of shared space with the reduced speed limits and the fact that cars and cyclists share the carriageway space creates a generous neighbourhood centre. Sequences of mature Robinia pseudoacacia trees on both sides of the road create new green volumes. The tree pits and additional shrub areas minimise rainwater run-off by acting as water retention areas.

The natural stone fountain creates a varied interplay with the water and provides additional cooling in summer.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: bbz lanschaftsarchitekten

Location: München

Year completed: 2022

Photo credits: Boris Storz

Manufacturer of urban or play equipment: Design of the benches by bbz landschaftsarchitekten

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