Tiveden National Park

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Location: Sweden / Type: Forest / Nature Paths / Built: 2017 /
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In one of the most inaccessible parts of the Swedish wilderness lies Tiveden National Park. Designing the park’s expansion and three new entrances in a place where barely a foot has tread is a delicate task. Combining a variety of natural habitats, these gateways gently guide visitors into untouched nature, with minimal impact.

A gateway to nature

Tiveden National Park is one of the few remaining forest belts in southern Sweden. Fragmented by open farms and lakes, Tiveden National Park was established with the purpose of preserving the cohesion between the forest, lakes and landscape.

The new main entrance emphasizes the characteristic landscape. Visitors leave their car behind in the parking space and head towards the service building to start their exploration on foot. Service and information facilities illustrate the experience to follow. The new entrance increases Tiveden’s accessibility to all; allowing visitors to venture even further into the wild. Platforms and walkways built of untreated wood are a discreet addition that leaves the surroundings intact, while offering views of Tiveden’s spectacular rocky terrain.

All materials are locally sourced, durable and low maintenance. The untreated rough-hewn siding, solid wood planks, concrete and metal grating, age gracefully with the natural surroundings.

Approximately 150,000 people visit Tiveden National Park each year; leaving a minimal impact on nature was crucial. Making a positive contribution, an area that was formerly a car park was integrated back into the natural landscape with the help of a seed bank.


Landscape Architecture: White Arkitekter

Project location: Tivedens Nationalpark, Tiveden, Sweden

Design year: 2009-2014

Year Built: 2016-2017

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