Award-Winning Play Space Brings Nature Play Indoors

Echoing native Australian gumtree’s, this indoor play space serves as an interactive, educational experience intended to “bring nature play indoors.”

Australian property developer’s Frasers and Interior Designer Three fishes engaged Tilt Industrial Design to develop and deliver the bespoke indoor play area for a new shopping centre development in Sydney, Australia  – Ed.Square.

The concept, developed by Three Fishes, was holistically based on positive psychology and unique developmental play—features in the play space host a range of imaginative and challenging play opportunities for children. Filled with discovery points and mimicking unstructured outdoor play, the play space combines colours, sensory materials, and experiences to bring the outside experience indoors.

A custom designed approach provided a signature outcome

A custom-designed play space was desirable to provide the best possible site-specific experience for visitors to the centre and desired outcome for our clients.

The play space concept featured a number of suspended play pod elements that would require technical and clever design development to deliver. The concept of suspending multiple play elements from the ceiling presented a range of design challenges. Particularly the supporting structural frame and the development of the related hanging elements.

Multiple integrated elements throughout required careful planning and execution to ensure safety and compliance were achieved. Tilt Industrial Design managed the entire process from the detail of the design and certification process, manage fabrication and installation.

A diverse range of play elements 

The play structure’s most intriguing features are the large gum nut pods suspended from the ceiling, which host climbing rope tunnels and slides. The surrounding space has mixed play elements and areas catering to different age groups and provides diverse learning opportunities.

Elements in the play space include:

  • Hanging Gum Nut Pods
  • Junior area
  • Kaleidoscope room
  • Leaf feature wall
  • Trampoline and slides
  • Integrated seating

Play is fuelled by curiosity through all these play elements offering children a sense of adventure and providing different structures and a variety of paths to choose how they wish to play.

Being indoors, the play space is an all-weather space for children to be active while increasing the shopping centre’ footprint and providing a must-visit destination to Ed.Square town centre.

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Awarded silver in the NEW YORK Driven x Design Awards 2021 – Interior Design Public or Institutional category.

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Published on November 18, 2021

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