Artistic Shade Structure – A Marriage Of Public Art And Function

The very best landscape structures result from site-specific designs, where the concept has been based on detailed end-user analysis. By creating a sympathy between the architectural features and the environment into which they are deployed, we can transform public spaces into visually engaging and highly functional destinations for our communities.

Tilt Industrial Design specialise in designing, fabricating and installing creative custom shade structures that provide functional and artistic outcomes. Their unique artistic shade structures also function as stunning public art pieces that add value to spaces and become landmark destinations in their own right.

The Artistic Shade Structure at West Ryde Plaza, retail precinct, was designed to emulate treetops. The leaf canopies introduce stunning greenery based on an artistic concept to an important public thoroughfare, providing weather protection to pedestrians and the play space below.

The structure was developed in consultation with councils project landscape architect. Featuring a combination of large and small leaves that optimise shading performance, the large leaves utilise multi-coloured glass panels to provide an artistic all-weather structure while the smaller leaf elements use perforated aluminium panels to deliver partial shade into the plaza.

Incorporating technologies

Programmable lighting systems illuminate the structure at night and present an opportunity for custom light shows to suit the seasons. In addition, the steel structures incorporate mounting points for the necessary technologies, activating and future-proofing the plaza for years to come.

Design and installation

Maintaining the original artistic intent while transforming the design into a manufacture-friendly and affordable concept resulted in developing a modular design strategy.

Through Tilt’s specialist Industrial Design Process, they provided a turn-key solution for the detailed design, construction, and installation of the shade structure. Their expert guidance on material choices and manufacturing options ensured an exceptional user experience and project outcome.

Clients original concept

Detailed CAD and renders

Artistic Shade Structure brought to life

Public spaces in high-traffic areas can be critical in turning a collection of shops into a gathering place for the local community. Tilt Industrial Design help transform public spaces to make them more engaging and beautifully useable for residents and visitors alike.

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Published on July 1, 2021

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