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Location: Amsterdam / The Netherlands / Type: Corporate/Company Garden / Residential Parks / Built:
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DELVA’s home base is on the site of the former De Gekroonde Valk brewery on Amsterdam’s Hoogte Kadijk. The design transformed the original building from the 1960s into an iconic building in which to work, live and also have guest rooms.

Green home base for living, working and staying

Thuishaven represents everything DELVA stands for. Surprising green outdoor spaces and a rich mix of trees, shrubs, hedges and plants have been provided throughout the building. On the ground floor, dozens of tree pots provide an eye-catching, green entrance to the studio. Together with the lush greenery on the facade, the trees create the greenest part of the street. On the first floor, five guest rooms are located directly on a unique roof terrace with multi-stemmed trees, bird baths and an intimate sitting area with a view of the wooded inner garden. The new, dark volume on top of the original reddish building houses a spacious loft with a large adjoining outdoor area. Through floor-to-ceiling windows, the greenery of the courtyard seems to extend into the light-filled living space.

All rainwater is collected and reused for the irrigation of the greenery and the installations. PV panels make the building energy-neutral and nesting boxes provide space for birds and insects.


Design: DELVA

Photos: Sebastian van Damme

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