Zürichhorn Children’s Playground, Zurich

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Location: Switzerland / Zürich / Type: Playgrounds / Water features / Built: 2006 /
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A Cheerful Enclave on the Quay

The Zürichhorn and the surrounding quay complex are by far the most intensively used greenspaces in the city of Zurich. On the periphery of this waterside park the enlargement and redesign of the children’s playground is creating a protected space for its youngest visitors: an inspiring and robust enclave of carefree cheerfulness full of colour and sensory delights, which adjoins the park structures.

A Snake in the Back

A wall winds its way through the complex like a snake. Together with the accompanying bamboo grove – a reference to the nearby Chinese garden – it visually and acoustically seals off the playground from the neighbouring Bellerivestrasse and forms the site’s spatial backbone.

A Space for Playing between the Park and the Lake

For children the wall is not a barrier, thanks to the many climbing holds. Instead, it is an adventurous challenge with exciting niches. Towards the park the playground opens up; a step for sitting leads down to the lower level. The sand area and the rocks next to a colourful water feature, as well as traditional equipment offer the children a broad spectrum of choices. With its places to sit, its shady spots and places of refuge, more active and more tranquil areas the playground gives children and parents alike a place to play and dwell.

An Attractive Changing Frame

The equipment is arranged in a play frame. This means that elements such as swings, hanging equipment and slides are easily exchangeable if needed. The sandy ground throughout the area creates a beach atmosphere. Casually arranged throughout the playground trees create atmospheric shadows and incorporate the complex into the surrounding park on Lake Zurich.


Grün Stadt Zürich

Project planning: 2005

Implementation: 2006

Area: 4’700 m²

Construction costs: 3.0 million

Specialist planners:

APT Ingenieure GmbH, Zurich

Photograph: vetschpartner, Manuel Bauer

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