The Landscape Therapeutic Park in Brilon

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Location: Germany / Type: Hospital Park / Nature Paths / Built: 2015 /
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The landscape therapeutic park in Brilon visualises the contrast between an open meadow valley and steep forest slopes. The redesigned spa park with the newly integrated “Haus des Gastes” is the attractive centre of the meadow valley with its beautiful trees, the fragrant flower meadows and hilly grassland. Important views to the city, to the white limestone rocks in the distance and up to the former ski jump were elaborated. In the south, the park is dominated by the woods surrounding the valley and the wide meadows that merged from the lawns. The forest represents the introverted counterpoint to the open meadowland. Along the landscape therapeutic path with the spa park as a starting point there are 13 stations that stage various moods such as clarity, harmony, confusion, mindfulness, contemplation and sublimity. Here, amazing things can be discovered, peace can be enjoyed, sounds and scents can be explored, and the alternation of light and shadow can be perceived. Recurring elements such as the comfortable benches, the red colour and the explanatory lettering, integrate these stations into the overall context of the extensive landscape.

1 Landscape window (“Landschaftsfenster”)
The landscape window is located on a small bastion which forms the ‘prelude’ and opens up towards the entire site of the landscape therapeutic way. A place of pausing before embarking on a tour to the other stations.

2 Grotto bridge (“Grottensteg”)
At the first contact with the forest narrow bridges lure the hiker into the mysterious penumbra. They lead into the romantic atmosphere of moss and fern-covered stone formations to the buried entrances of mysterious grottos.

3 Fairy sound (“Feenklang”)
When following the meadow path, the hiker at times hear bells ring softly from which he/she is lured up the slope on a zigzag path. The sound of small bells in the wind adumbrates the flight of the forest fairy. In case of doldrums the rope can be used to make them ring.

4 Stances (“Hochsitze”)
At the corner of the forest the visitor steps out of the shadow into the light. From the stances there is a particularly impressive view over the wide grassland and towards the distinctive spruce group on the horizon. The view changes from the narrowness of the forest to the open expanse of the grassy hilltop.

5 Ski jump (“Skisprungschanze”)
Freed from the proliferating green, the former fascinating ski jump presents itself over a long narrow meadow slope and gives a breathtaking view into the depths and into the distance. The balustrade of the jump-off platform juts out diagonally across the path and gives the hiker a hint to the feeling of flying. The head of the ski jump is marked by a ten-meter-high rocking swing scaffold.

6 Spring source (“Quellengrund”)
The Möhne spring was re-natured as a layer source and is an atmospheric and attractive place.

7 Path spider (“Wegespinne”)
On the eastern slope side, the path spider causes some surprise and confusion. Red oak beams follow the course of the path borders, marking this unusual crossing of three paths. Hikers can rest and orientate themselves.

8 Fairy wreath (“Feenkranz”)
High above the path, a fairy wreath shines red-shimmering in the diffuse light of the tall forest. The ring of coloured acrylic glass captures and bundles the daylight. After the fairy sound trails off, again the aura of the forest fairy becomes perceptible.

9 Poetry glade (“Dichterlichtung”)
A woodchip of split oak wood circularly frames a recessed glade in the forest. A narrow path leads into the light circular frame, a place to pause, to listen in, a retreat to read and read out aloud.

10 Cherry wood (“Kirschwald”)
Directly on the path side, a small forest of wild cherries begins: A flowering forest with edible fruits and bright yellow autumn colours giving the hiker a good reason to take a rest on the bench.

11 Hammocks (“Hängematten”)
At the end of the path through the forest several hammocks – located on the edge of the forest and partly shaded by red awnings – invite the hiker to relax. The view through the treetops into the sky and the clouds is complemented by the scent of the forest and meadow flowers.

12 Old town view (“Altstadtblick”)
Opposite the lakeside terrace, there is a view over the ponds towards the silhouette of the old town and St. Peter’s and St. Andrew’s church. A small square with benches draws the attention to this impressive view. A new aqueduct to the ponds is staged as a small fountain on the slope.

13 Lake terrace with cherry grove (“Seeterrasse mit Zierkirschenhain”)
The potential of the existing lake terrace was unleashed by removing the fencing of the ponds and by surrounding planting in order to bring the experience of water to the foreground. Furthermore, generous steps on the lakeshore allow direct access to the water. A lovely cherry grove replaces the formerly oversized plaza in the North, and a delicate pergola forms the ‘prelude’ to the lake promenade.

Location: Brilon (Germany)
Constructor: City of Brilon (Germany)
Landscape architects: PLANERGRUPPE OBERHAUSEN and B.A.S. Kopperschmidt & Moczalla (Germany)
Planning period: 2012 to 2013
Realisation: 2013 to 2015
Area Surface: 4,5 ha

Photo Credits: Claudia Dreysse

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