IFLA Webinar: The Landscape Culture Today and Tomorrow, July 27th 2023

As part of the 75th anniversary, IFLA invites you to a webinar: The Landscape Culture Today and Tomorrow. July 27th 2023, online.

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Time and Date
27th July 2023
9.00, Philadelphia, Boston
15.00, Basel, Karlsruhe, Dresden
21.00, Beijing, Taipei
23.00, Canberra
1.00 (+1), Wellington

Broadcasting Platform:

A dedicated Zoom Link will be provided before the event by the IFLA IT service provider on the official event page: iflaworld.com/newsblog/ifla-75-webinar-the-landscape-culture-today-and-tomorrow


The Landscape Culture Today and Tomorrow.
Looking for new ways of understanding and raising awareness of the landscape.
A global webinar in the context of the celebrations for the 75th anniversary of IFLA establishment.

Through the progressive strengthening of IFLA activities, it is increasingly clear how the concept of landscape is different in the various world regions but also how the degree of development of landscape culture is varied. If formal education is essential in developing such culture, established academic formats of knowledge creation and diffusion are not the only drivers of landscape culture development. The activism, entrepreneurship, and capability of innovation of every and each landscape professional are key together with each and every chance for sharing knowledge.

By elaborating on IFLA core values -i.e., the recognition of regional differences and global networking for valuing them- and recognizing the interactions of a stronger landscape culture worldwide with the many current challenges to socio-natural sustainability, IFLA organized a global webinar about landscape culture today within the framework of the celebrations for the 75th anniversary of IFLA establishment.

Targeting a public of landscape architecture professionals from all over the world, including those from peripheral areas where the landscape profession is at the early stages of development, the webinar will host three prominent personalities of today’s landscape profession and academia. These will offer insights into their work and prospected actions for developing landscape culture in their respective regions, I.e., Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and the Americas. The webinar will also host the IFLA EAA Chair, a young progressive academic from a leading landscape architecture institution, and a representative of a leading cultural institution challenging museums’ role in culture creation and communication. Through sort of a round-table, these will question from their point of view the three personalities and, therefore, will open to critical reflections on the possible paths of landscape culture development.

The webinar will finally be complemented with opening remarks by the incumbent president of IFLA and closing remarks by the chair of the IFLA 75th anniversary Working Group.

Opening section (5 min.)
– Bruno Marques, IFLA President, Victoria University of Wellington (3 min.).
Opening remarks;
Alessandro Martinelli, IFLA Education & Academic Affairs Chair, the Chinese Culture University (2 min.);
Introduction to the webinar event;
Statements section (45 min.)
Gunther Vogt, ETH Zurich (15 min.).
Where are VOGT and ETH Zurich going in terms of promoting landscape culture?
Kongjian Yu, Peking University (15 min.)>
Where are Turenscape and Beijing University going in terms of promoting landscape culture?
Laurie Olin, University of Pennsylvania (15 min.);
Where are OLIN and UPenn going in terms of promoting landscape culture?
Challenges section (55 min.)
Julian Raxworthy, IFLA Education & Academic Affairs Advisor, University of Canberra (5 min.);
Introduction to the attempt of developing a global landscape architecture program survey
Hanna Jurisch, curator at ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe (10 min.);
Introduction to the Critical Zone Study Group activities in ZKM
Rosalea Monacella, Harvard University Graduate School of Design (5 min.);
Introduction to the recent about advanced practices of “landscape design-research studios”
– Roundtable, moderated by Alessandro Martinelli (30 min., 10 for each speaker);
Replies by the statement section speakers to the questions of the challenge section debaters.
Steffi Schuppel, Chair of the IFLA 75th anniversary Working Group (5 min.);
Closing remarks & reminder of the activities of 75th anniversary of IFLA establishment;

Published on July 5, 2023

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