The Key Sathorn – Ratchapreuk

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Location: Bangkok / Thailand / Type: Gardens / Residential Parks / Resorts / Built: 2014 /
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XSiTE Design Studio: The Key Sathorn – Ratchapreuk is a 23 storey condominium with more than 800 units in Bangkok located in Thonburi zone. Where is still calm area not far from Bangkok downtown near Wutthakart BTS train station. The purpose of landscape architectural design for this project is to create a pleasant outdoor space with sense of privacy for people who live here. That is different from this kind of residences in the market where landscape area is normally placed at a visible area to be seen and to help closing sales. So the design concept is to play with the order of approaching to each space. By an intention to create an enjoyable various experiences while walking through each area space by space with a garden design principle instead of park. So each area is placed in different spots of the site that serves the functional requirements and the limitation of spaces on ground. In the meanwhile it has to create the pleasant privacy among residents.

Start from the site main entrance, there is a pedestrian walkway surrounded with clean mass of shrubs to escort people to the main lobby that is the focal point from main entrance. Low wall and topiary are placed to complement with relax horizontal line in architectural elements to create the sense of serenity, modern and yet welcome. Because the area limitation so the swimming pool has to be located next to main lobby that very near the main drop off. That’s why the water feature and the landscape decoration wall are introduced in this in-between area to create the curiosity, connectivity and the privacy of these 2 areas at the same time. Arrival visitors could hear the water sound and know there is a pool behind the wall but cannot access. Along the pool is a garden walkway to another building and main garden. The high shrubs and trees are used to create both privacy for pool area and shady walking experience that turns the normal circulation to the lovely strolling experience.

The pool area’s planting concept is “ Season changed”. People can enjoy it with the featured flower trees that blossom differently in each season. The fresh color of plantings is complement nicely with warmness of copper like wall tiles, tropical plants and water features in pool. So residents can refresh themselves from tired daily life. From the pool across a little canal is where the main garden is located as a multi purpose space for the second building. The garden pavilion with the clean simple form and a touch of welcome is placed to create privacy for the garden from the internal road. After walked through the pavilion then it’s revealed the big open lawn. That is used to create a sense of luxury for city people that lacks of green open space surround by trees and shrubs to create privacy for residential units. While the rustic surfaces of gravel steps and wild grass plants are used to create a contrast from neat big lawn to make space more lively interesting.

Name of Project: The Key Sathorn – Ratchapreuk
Landscape Architect: XSiTE Design Studio
Project Team: Director – Thotthanet Luekijna
Client: Land and House PLC.
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Use: High-rise residence
Site Area: 12,230 sq.m
Design Year: 2012
Completion year: 2014

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