Green Cloud

Tema: The Green Cloud project is located at the center of Herzliya’s Hi-Tech industrial park, framed by a new office complex developed by the GavYam property and building group. The new surrounding buildings were planned by Moshe Zur Architects and include the facade renovation of existing surrounding old buildings, thus creating a coherent and contemporary architectural framework. The project includes four main office buildings that on the ground level will entertain cafes, restaurants and shops, framing a central plaza. The entire block is serviced by an underground parking garage, with elevators emerging directly on the plaza. The Green Cloud project is a privately owned plaza, yet completely open to the public, available for the enjoyment of passersby and employees.

The project was envisioned as a “fluffy” cloud, viewed from the above offices, yet experienced as the most lush and contemplative garden on ground level. The green “cloud” that was thus considered to strive in bringing a high biodiversity to Herzliya’s industrial area. Most of the planting was based on perennials and included 5,430 plants of 98 different species and varieties. The perimeter of the cloud has been planted with sculptural trees that will shade its outer limits, while at the center a biological pool with a diversity of waterlilies and fishes create a contemplative focus. Bees, dragonflies, and a variety butterflies arrived within days of project’s completion. Flanking the biological pool, a long bench has been designed, shaded in the summer by a tight and trained row of fruitless mulberry trees, thus heartening passersby to stop and reflect. The connective paths of the project, have been placed directionally north–south and east-west, thus incorporating the company’s branding motive of the compass. The paths have been enhanced by the use of different materials such as cast in place terrazzo with compass symbols imbedded within the casting. A dandelion design was also incorporated in the casting, thus adding a flower motif to the whole. The entire project is placed above a parking structure, and is mostly irrigated by the excess of water channeled from the air conditioning systems. The rich planting variety provided for an almost instant effect, that not only acted as a magnet for small insects but also for human users.

Landscape Architecture: Tema
Location GavYam Park, Herzliya, Israel
Completed: 2011
Text: Temaland
Photos: Amit Geron



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