Garden of Knowledge

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Location: Sweden / Type: Installations / Built: 2001 /
Published on November 15, 2011

The garden consists of nine ice-floe-like puzzle pieces, each of them surrounded by high log walls assembled with plain corner joints. The walls are red silted and build up a maze-like structure, inside of them are unique environments that provoke in the sense of evoking reactions and concerns. Attracts. Puzzles. We encounter mixtures of natural and cultural resources; built, solid, mixed – in different configurations – with the living, changing, volatile. Of the nine pieces are three small and six large. The various components is named “the first contact”, “the machine”, “the sky”, “the wood”, “the stones”, “the animals”, “the inaccessible”, “the emergence” and “the echo”. The garden is surrounded by willow forest and surrounded on the west by Castles in the Air, lookout towers in different heights to challenge one’s recklessness.

Landscape Architecture: GORA art&landscape / Monika Gora
Type of project: Exhibition garden during a housing exhibition
Location: Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden
Material: timber, bronze, iron, wood, geese, speaker, steam engine, toilet, sink, mirror, vegetation, stones, animals, furniture, asphalt, nuts, screws
Area: 3500 m2
Number of garden rooms: 9
Exhibited: 2001
Exhibition: Housing exhibition ‘Bo01’
Budget: € 290 000
Commissioned by: Bo01; Municipality of Malmö
Contractors: Junsele Timmerhus ab, Tafoma, Skånska Klockgjuteriet ab, Broby Granit ab
Photos&text: Gora

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