The Crystals

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Location: France / Saint-Denis / Type: Infrastructure / Installations / Built: 2023 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on March 6, 2024

Restructuring of public space through aesthetic creation – Project management for the landscaping redevelopment of rue du Port and improvement of the paths of the Saint-Denis station center.

Urban planning and aesthetic creation – “Work of art” and “development of public space”, our proposal is a sensitive, aesthetic and symbolic appropriation of the site of rue du Port and the public spaces of the Saint-Denis train station. The project management project is divided into 3 works: “Les Cristaux”, “La Forêt”, “Le Tapis de sol”.

Kinetic dynamics and multiplicity – The Three works give an identity, bring out singular images. The crowd, the movements, the flows find images with the plastic themes of kinetic dynamics and multiplicity. The themes of the forces of time and movement inspired the plastic figure of crystallization.

Crystallization – Mineral forms develop in time and space, sculptures grow in strategic places. They come out of the walls, emerge from the ground. After decades of destruction and floating, the conditions of pressure, intensity and atmosphere have come together for the formation of scintillating minerals, so many scattered contemporary sculptures.

A work on the scale of Greater Paris for the 10th station in France – The mass of the railway tunnel structure and the intensity of uses are forces to be captured, directed, transformed. The series of targeted aesthetic interventions results in places being transfigured, and space doing work.

Project Data

Landscape architecture: paysarchitectures

Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Cogicité – Urban engineering

Project location: Saint-Denis, France

Year completed: 2023

Photo credits: Pierre-Yves Brunaud (PYB)

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