The Climate Garden

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Location: Norway / Oslo / Type: Botanic Garden / Built:
Published on March 22, 2024

The Climate Garden located in Oslo’s botanical garden, is part of The Natural History Museum. The outdoor space around The Climate House aims to show that buildings and landscape need to act together to meet climate changes. Existing trees on the site are important carbon reservoirs and climate supporters in both micro and macro scale. Precise evaluations have been made regarding which trees to keep and which to move or remove. This process resulted in some of the remaining trees standing adjacent to the new façade, giving visitors inside the building close contact with surrounding nature. Some of the Douglasfurs that had to be taken down were reused and reshaped as benches and activity elements, and as local carbon reservoirs.

Rainwater management is formed into positive elements that contribute to an attractive outdoor space in both rainy and dry weather. Rainbeds with abundant vegetation collect and retard rainwater from both roofs and outdoor surfaces.

Plants from a robust local natural habitat that appreciate both wet and dry conditions are chosen for the rainbeds. The plants are moved here from a local building site in Baråker.

A roof-spouter forms an attraction between building and garden when skyfalls occur.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: ATSITE
Location: Botanisk hage, Tøyen, Oslo, Norway
Year completed: 2020
Architect (building): Lundhagem Arkitekter AS, Atelier Oslo
Photo credits: ATSITE, Tove Lauluten

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