Teardrop Park

Teardrop Park is a public residential park surrounded by buildings higher than park’s width. It offers places for people of all ages, especially children can enjoy playing in sand, climbing the rocks, hiding in high shrubs etc. Special feature is a stony wall with ice water-fall, which crosses the park and divides it on two different parts. The first is more grassy, classy, chill-out meadow surrounded by shrubs and small trees and a bit elevated on the edges. The other part is structured in different smaller playgrounds, very exciting for children, with many features for stimulating their minds and bodies. Design (with all it’s physical elements, materials) refers to a landscape of Hudson River Valley as a wild, stony, green, natural landscape.

Landscape Architecture: Michael Van Valkenburg Associates
Location: Lower Manhattan / NYC / USA
Area: 1.8 acres, less than a hectare

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