Tavor Park, Kiryat Yam

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Location: Israel / Type: Residential Parks / Built: 2020 /
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From separate neighbourhood yards to a neighbourhood garden

Kiryat Yam’s Dalet Neighborhood was built in the 1970s by the Ministry of Construction and Housing, replicating the model of the mass housing blocks constructed throughout the country. The local population was mostly comprised of new and older immigrants. Over the years, the gardens around the buildings fell into neglect over the years and the neighbourhood was felt to be run-down and discontinuous.

The planning goal was to unite the gardens that extended over nine dunams (approx. 2.5 acres) to create a continuous space that would function as a place of encounter, play, and sitting, one that would become the pulse of the renewed neighbourhood.

The design was value-based, adhering to the principle of community empowerment through a varied program. We added a system of movement that would link the areas without disturbing the functionality of the system already in place used by the residents.

The first step in organizing the space was to lay down the route of the 240 m path that linked all of the yards. This path connected the exits from the housing blocks into the new garden, along with bounded seating areas, creating open squares with play and fitness installations, and a transitional area toward the dog parks. The mature trees were conserved while dozens of new shade trees were added, some planted inside of raised seating areas. A stroll through the park today shows different communities living around the park gathering in those areas. The plantings program comprised useful plants, water-saving plantings, and local vegetation, in addition to planning grassy hills to create interest in the flat areas and maintain the existing trees.

We chose simple raw materials, applying them carefully: concrete and asphalt paths, with stone walls and platforms covered in wood.

The landscape design of the park with the contemporary layer of the finish and play installations transformed the irregular, run-down space of the housing projects into a pleasant, inviting focal point. The park is now a daily meeting place for groups, from children and teenagers to elderly pensioners.

Project Data

Tavor Park, Kiryat Yam: From separate neighbourhood yards to a neighbourhood garden

Architect’s Firm:  BO Landscape Architects, Beeri Ben Shalom and Orna Ben Zioni

Client: Qiryat yam Municipality

Project location: Tavor st. Qiryat yam, Israel

Completion Year: 2020

Gross Built: 9000 square meter

Lead Architects: Ari Fine, Rotem Even

Other participants:

Photo credits: Yoav Peled

Video credits: Noam Haimovich

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