Tanner Springs Park

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Location: Oregon / Portland / USA / Type: Flood Resilience / Parks / Water features / Built: 2010 /
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Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl: Formerly a wetland, the Pearl District was bisected by Tanner Creek and sided by the broad Willamette River. Rail yards and industry first claimed and drained the land. Over the past 30 years, a new neighborhood has progressively established itself – young, mixed, urban and dynamic, today the Pearl District is home to families and businesses. With surgical artistry, the urban skin of one downtown block, 60×60 meters (200×200 feet) is peeled back to create a new city park. Stormwater runoff from the park block is fed into a natural water feature with a spring and natural cleansing system. The `Art Wall´ recycles historic rail tracks, oscillating in and out and inlaid with fused glass pieces hand-painted with nature images by Herbert Dreiseitl. Ospreys dive into the water, art performances unfold on the floating deck, children splash and explore, and others take quiet contemplation in this natural refuge in the heart of the city. An intense community participation and a stakeholder steering group means that this park is the realisation of the dreams and hopes of local people.

Partner in Charge: Henning Larsen
Project Landscape Architect: Gerhard Hauber
Project Engineer: Stefan Brückmann
Project Team: Hendrik Porst, Jessica Read, Andreas Bockemühl
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Client: City of Portland
Partner: GreenWorks PC
Area: 0.4 ha / 1 acre
Completion: 2010
Photos and text: Dreiseitl
Awards: ULI Open Space Award finalist 2012, ASLA Oregon Honor Award 2007

One thought on "Tanner Springs by Henning Larsen"

  1. Joan Schoepfer says:

    Great park from the sounds of it. I would like more details on the way the water system works. Where is it gathered? How is it cleaned? Where does it go? etc.


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