HASSELL is a leading international design practice with studios in Australia, China, South East Asia and the United Kingdom.

We judge the success of the buildings and places we design by the way people use and enjoy them – the clients who commission them, the people who inhabit them. Good design is about helping clients meet their needs and objectives. It is also about the way people feel when they experience it, a sense of meaning, connection and belonging. Our design values are shared globally across all the HASSELL studios, by the talented people who work in them: architects, interior designers, landscape architects, urban designers, planners and specialist consultants. We work together in integrated design teams because they produce the best outcomes for our clients. The increasingly complex projects that clients bring to us demand a culture built on collaboration, creativity, and innovation in design thinking and delivery. Openness and empathy with our clients ensure their interests are at the heart of everything we design.

Footage of studio life around the globe.

Interview with Angus Bruce, Head of Landscape Architecture.


Creating Places for People

At HASSELL, we understand that great landscapes and public spaces are created through a clear design vision – one that effectively enables the interplay between social, cultural, economic and environmental factors. The public realm must represent the best endeavours of the community it serves and support the essential functions that enable a city to thrive.

HASSELL unlocks the potential of public spaces for the people that use and enjoy them. We tease out the story of each site, undertaking detailed research and analysis to identify its distinctive qualities and development opportunities. This knowledge guides our design response and the site’s evolution as an authentic, engaging and enduring public place.

From planning, consultation and design to delivery, monitoring and review – our extensive public realm expertise is reflected in the diversity of our award-winning portfolio. HASSELL has created exceptional:
_Plazas, squares and streetscapes
_Urban parks and playgrounds
_Zoological, botanical and cultural parks
_Public art and temporary installations
_Urban waterfronts, river and beach foreshores
_Green infrastructure and living architecture

For all public realm projects we strive to deliver dynamic, contextual and well-integrated places that address sustainable design challenges. Our multidisciplinary design teams work seamlessly to ensure a symbiosis of natural and built elements; and we are particularly proud to have made many innovative contributions to green infrastructure and the rehabilitation of natural ecologies on post-industrial sites. Our shared and strategic approach to the public realm – collaborating with clients, community and stakeholders – maximises our ability to create a more inclusive and sustainable urban future.

Darwin Waterfront, HASSELL. Photo: Brett Boardman
Darwin Waterfront Public Domain, Darwin, Australia. Photo by Brett Boardman

Afghan Bazaar, HASSELL. Photo: Mark Wilson
Afghan Bazaar Cultural Precinct, Melbourne, Australia. Photo by Mark Wilson

Flinders Street Station Competition, HASSELL with Herzog & de Meuron. Imagery by Herzog & de Meuron
Flinders Street Station Competition, Melbourne, Australia (HASSELL with Herzog & de Meuron). Imagery by Herzog & de Meuron

Darling Harbour Transformation. Imagery by HASSELL
Darling Harbour Transformation, Sydney, Australia.

Darling Harbour Transformation. Imagery by HASSELL
Darling Harbour Transformation, Sydney, Australia.

Cronton Colliery Competition. Imagery by HASSELL
Cronton Colliery Competition, Knowsley, United Kingdom.

Lakeway Redevelopment, HASSELL. Imagery by Peter Bennetts
Lakeway Redevelopment, Perth, Australia. Photo by Peter Bennetts

Published on March 20, 2016

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