Strindfjordvegen Park

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Location: Norway / Trondheim / Type: Parks / Built: 2018 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on October 24, 2022

In this new residential and business area, we have designed a park along the main axis of the Grilstad Marina development area, which is very close to and partially filled in the Trondheimsfjord. The road passes a row of commercial buildings and out towards the fjord, along the residential areas of Grilstadfjæra, Havseilerveien and Fullriggerøya.

The design of the park is inspired by the sea and an interpretation of the sea map, with the main elements “in deep water”, “in groundwater” and “on land”. When you are in the depths, you are in the forest and can find elements from the bottom of the sea – perhaps a treasure chest or diver’s feet, on the bottom different types of grass create movement, associations with waves and how different elements settle in waves up towards the beach. Here the sailboats are interpreted with sail constructions. When you come ashore you are on safe ground, the sea marks form a line through the project from island to island, driftwood is the inspiration for benches and perhaps you can find seagull tracks on the deck.

An important element of the plan is to handle all surface runoff water in the green area, and not release any surface water into the municipal areas.

Design year: 2014

Year Built: 2018

Photographer: Kristoffer Wittrup

Landscape Architecture: agraff

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