Light and space for Gothenburg’s oldest park

Location: Brunnsparken, Gothenburg (SE)
Streetlife products: Solid Edge System, Cliffhanger Park Benches
Delivery: 2020
Landscape architect: White Arkitekter AB

Residents meet while buses and trams travel in different directions towards their destination. Brunnsparken, one of the liveliest areas in Gothenburg, is due to its strategic location a meeting place for young and old, both crossing and waiting. However, over time, the place has fallen into disrepair. At the beginning of 2020, a thorough renovation upgraded this space into a new city park, which offers both more greenery and safety.

The central Brunnsparken is located between two of the city’s oldest streets, Norra Hamngatan and Södra Hamngatan. The statue “Såningskvinnan”, affectionately known as “Johanna”, is the centerpiece of the park. There is a lot of flow and movement due to the adjacent station and bus platform.

This place was perceived by residents as dark and unsafe, partly due to tall trees and poor lighting. The city of Gothenburg wanted to develop a plan to make Brunnsparken a more open and safe location. Niels de Bruin, landscape architect at White Arkitekter, developed the plan, whereby local residents also had influence on the scheme. The park reopened in February 2020.

It was necessary to reduce the number of trees, but the addition of large planting areas compensates for the lost greenery. Straight, symmetrical and clear footpaths determine where the greenery is located and make the historic park and public transport accessible. Space has been made for seating areas along the green zones, more light and room for outdoor activities, such as performances and events. The park looks brighter and greener than before.

Along the canal, Cliffhanger Park benches provide the perfect place for a cup of coffee in the sun. The wide plant areas of the Streetlife’s Solid Edge System contribute to the park feeling and biodiversity. By placing the edges of the Solid Edge System around the statue “Såningskvinnan” in a circular shape, this central figure of the park gets the attention.

The main paths through the park are accentuated in the evening by a strip lighting that shines on the paths from under the seating edges of the Solid Edge. This detail was specifically designed at the request of Niels de Bruin (White Arkitekter), with the lighting concealed behind the steel.

During the early summer, the historic lantern lighting returned and the planting was completed. Partly due to the lighting, the park is also a pleasant and safe place to stay after nightfall.

The collaboration between Streetlife and White Arkitekter has resulted in an optimal adaptation to the Solid Edge System, which meets the wishes of the architect, and also creates an inviting, green oasis in the center of Gothenburg.

Published on March 31, 2021

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