Flexible Layout for Courtyard at Leipzig University

As people gather in squares and parks across Europe, students in Leipzig are enjoying the renewed Augustusplatz Campus courtyard, where Streetlife’s specially developed Mobile Green Isles (MGIs) and Surf Modules are bound to have enormous appeal. The careful combination of these two design elements has helped create a harmonious public space where students can relax between lectures.

The courtyard of the university was perceived as outdated, cold and sterile. It was uninviting, there was too much concrete and it was not an ideal place for relaxing or holding events. The university wanted to develop the area so that it had greater appeal and could be used more flexibly.

With its Hortus Medicus botanical garden, the second oldest university in Germany has a rich horticultural tradition dating back 450 years. It was therefore almost inevitable that greenery would play an important role in the redeveloped courtyard.

Streetlife was brought in to help redesign this open space. Consultations between Leipzig University and the Streetlife architect advisor resulted in a concept that fully matched aspirations for the square. The MGIs from the existing Streetlife collection served as an excellent starting point for the spatial design. To add a playful element, Streetlife developed the Surf Module (with wavy seating) to complement the MGIs.

The MGIs comprise a product family that affords a high degree of layout fl exibility. This makes it very easy to rearrange configurations or temporarilyremove the modules for events. The modular units may be readily installed and aligned with the Streetrail® system and can be swiftly and easily transported by fork-lift truck. The 2D Surf Modules are available with short and long undulating waves and there is also a version with 3D
waves. Both the MGIs and the new Surf Modules are included in the 2018-2019 Streetlife collection, which will be launched in the new catalogue in June as well as on the completely revamped website www.streetlife.nl/en.

Why not contact one of Streetlife’s native speaking architect advisors for additional information or advice? Our experienced team would also be happy to contribute to your design plan with a custom solution.

Published on September 21, 2021

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