Solid Serif Chaise Longue

The Solid Serif Chaise Longue has an appealing wave shape. It is a recliner that is perfect for relaxing in the sun. The wave-shaped seat is made of 70 or 120 cm-long – 28” or 47”-long Solid beams (7×7 cm – 2.8”x2.8”). A robust Rough&Ready beam (7×15 cm – 2.8”x5.9”) is added to the head and foot ends, hence the name Solid Serif. The Chaise Longue has a floating effect above grass. Made from CorTen or hot-dip galvanised steel, the steel base can also be powder coated in a RAL colour and should be anchored to the ground.

The Solid Serif Chaise Longue can also be executed in Cloudy Grey, a sustainable TWIN alternative. This grey-blue material made from recycled plastic (50%) and recycled clothing textiles (50%) has a marbled texture which gives it a vibrant appearance. Colour, texture and composition may vary in North America due to local production processes.

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