Rough&Ready Tangram Tubs

Rough&Ready (R&R) Tangram Tubs come in three basic shapes of different sizes. Surprising configurations can be created with these tubs. The base consists of CorTen steel with a border seat on one side comprising two R&R beams. Because the tub has a closed bottom structure, it remains mobile. With an open bottom, larger trees and plants can take root below ground level.

R&R hardwood beams are also available in the sustainable All Black material, a recyclate derived from recycled plastic waste.

Dimensions (+seat): 130x150x47 cm (+150x16x15 cm)
51”x59”x19” (+59”x6”x6”)

130x300x47 cm (+150x16x15 cm)
51”x118”x19” (+59”x6”x6”)

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