Mobile Green Isles and Mobile Surf Isles

Streetlife’s Mobile Green Isles (MGI) are mobile planters with integrated hardwood seating. Their basic structure is fabricated from sheet steel (CorTen or RAL powder coated). With the 1.5 m wide modular elements an infinite amount of designs can be created. Seating can be installed alongside or end faces using Solid Topseats made from FSC hardwood slats (7×7 cm – 2.8”x2.8”) fitted with the stainless steel Streetlock® comb system.

They can be placed continuously on the long side as well as at the ends. A backrest can be optionally mounted on the benches. Space for a tree is also possible by placing module with seats and a tree planter that protrudes approx. 42 cm – 17” above the isle.

The different modules available in the MGI system can be combined to create countless appealing configurations. This means that every square can easily be set up to create an inviting seating area. The Streetrail® system guarantees fast and easy installation on the existing flat paved surface.

Streetlife’s Mobile Green Isles (MGI) are an ideal solution that allows greenery to be added to a public square without damaging the paving. The MGI modules (approx. 300×150 cm) can be easily installed on a rail of smooth composite beams (see drawing at the bottom right).

These modules can be used to create mobile green surfaces with border seats and podiums. Streetlife has expanded its MGI range with Multilevel Modules, which can be used to create dynamic isles for leisure purposes.

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