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Large mobile tree planters for cities

Streetlife has an extensive collection of Tree Tubs, many with geometric designs, which integrate naturally into the designer’s architectural plans. Each tree tub is designed to allow it to be moved tree and all. The steel Tree Tubs are available in CorTen or RAL coated.

In addition to the steel Tree Tubs, planters with a wooden finish are available. The Solid Tree Planter and the Highlife III Tree Planters boast an appealing, high-quality finish. These give the finishing touch to the Solid Series and the Highlife III Series, enabling designers to create a coherent high-quality look with all elements blending seamlessly with the design plan.

The Giant Flower Pots are available in steel (RAL coated) or in a sustainable natural fibre-reinforced composite material. When a low model is used, or the pot is half-submerged in the ground, the edge of the Giant Flower Pot can be used as a seat (as can be seen in Dijon’s city centre).

Tree planters and tree care

All Tree Tubs can be equipped with our Treetec® Tree Care System if required. This system ensures good insulation, oxygen migration, irrigation and drainage of excess water. The capillary columns in the Treetec® package ensure improved water distribution, significantly reducing maintenance/watering frequency during the growing season. Each Streetlife tree Tub has provisions for securing both small and large root balls to the planter, to prevent the tree leaning as it grows.

Tree Tubs can also be used as Roadblocks. With their underground anchoring, they are a much greener and more attractive alternative to the usual concrete blocks used to exclude vehicles.

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