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This category of Street Furniture includes our Box Bins, Bollards and Bicycle Racks.

The Box Bins are available in two sizes: the standard size and Extra Slim. Box Bins can be delivered in CorTen or RAL coated, with closed walls or in the more open graphic Casual Dots design. Transparent Bins are very popular in the current climate for security reasons; the contents of the bin are easily visible. In addition to the standard Bins we are also able to deliver customised Bins, which can, for example, be integrated into a Tree Isle.

Our Bollards are finished with a pair of vertical Rough&Ready beams, which can be supplied in either fixed or removable format. As an alternative to FSC® wood, the beams are also available in All Black. All Black beams are made from 100% recycled plastic, a sustainable alternative that is black throughout, does not fade or splinter and requires no maintenance.

The Bright Bollard is a robust square pole constructed from heavy gauge CorTen sheet steel. The bollard contains a stainless-steel sheet to reflect and diffuse the internal LED light.

Bicycle parking in the public space

The Bicycle Parking Collection includes five different bike racks and an E-Bike rack. The Clip is the most classic bicycle rack in the collection, inspired by the simplicity of the humble paperclip. The R&R Bicycle Racks and the Bike-Key belong to the Rough&Ready Range. These racks both use the distinct Rough&Ready beam as a central component, one horizontally and one vertically. The Solid Bicycle Rack has a closed appearance but is more elegantly executed. By contrast, the CorTen Bicycle Rack is created completely from CorTen steel, with a protective bumper strip fitted below the CorTen rim to protect bicycles from damage.

The design of the E-Bike Rack is not dissimilar to the CorTen Bicycle Rack. Electric bicycle use has increased exponentially over the past few years; they’re no longer just for the elderly. School students, long-distance cyclists and even riders of cargo bikes are all looking for an electric alternative now that these have become more affordable. E-bikes need to be recharged to be sure that you’ll make it back home, so our E-bike Rack combines bicycle parking with a bike-charging facility.

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