Streetlife Design Competition Presentations and Award Ceremony

We are proudly sharing the video from 24 March 2023, when around 50 competition finalists gathered in Hooglandse Kerk, a beautiful gothic church in Leiden, the Netherlands to present their competition entries and participate in the award ceremony.

The competition was organized by Streetlife and Landezine.

Index (use chapter controls in the video window above to skip):

  1. Introduction, Peter Krouwel, Streetlife
  2. Introduction, Zaš Brezar, Landezine
  3. A Garden for the Forgotten, Netherlands, by Daniel Barrero, Jan Houweling, Lotte Oppenhuis and Rikke ter Horst
  4. Alexanderplatz – The Habitat Approach, Berlin, Germany by Andreas Ebert, Gero Engeser and Niclas Ruppert
  5. City Lungs – Landscape Blocks on Sites Lost To High Rise Development, Dublin, Ireland, by Barbara Lidia Steczkiewicz, Evan Bailey and Nicole Leung
  6. Craft Corner, London, UK, by Paul Bourel and Vladimir Guculak
  7. Gas to Green, The Hague, Netherlands, by Hao Yan, Jiakun Wen, Keren Zhang and Yang Yu (SPECIAL MENTION)
  8. Industrial Landscape Built on Past, Kharkiv, Ukraine, by Caroline Mellström, Diana Moskalenko, Ivan Rybalko, Oleksandra Kirpichnikova, Sofiia Shmalko and Veronika Chertova
  9. (not so) lost site, Brno, Czech Republic, by Eliška Štainerová, Kristina Molnárová, Nina Olekšáková, Paulína Demovičová, Tomáš Koudelka
  10. Rebirth: A Food’s Tale, Brussels, Belgium, by Aikaterini Ntavou and Laura Peralta (FIRST PRIZE)
  11. Resurfacing – Designing with Instability, Rome, Italy, by Lucie Delacoste, Federico Marchese and Steffy Chammanikkodath
  12. The Golden Connection, Porto, Portugal, by Alex Pontes de Albuquerque, Isabelle Caroline de Freitas, Mariana Coelho Andrade Horta and Mayara Ledo Mendes (SECOND PRIZE)
  13. Throughline: An Exploration of Third Space, Brooklyn, New York, USA, by Anjelic Owens and Jessica Arias
  14. Y Gors, UK, by Aphra Das Gupta, Henry Westphal-Reed and Lenka Rajmont
  15. Award Ceremony

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Published on May 1, 2023

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