Strandeiland Het Oog

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Location: The Netherlands / Type: Waterfronts / Built: Unbuilt /
Published on October 3, 2022

Natural purification park for the future urban zone.

With Het Oog, DELVA is creating an innovative (underwater) landscape park that connects the two islands of Strandeiland in Amsterdam IJburg. With 8,000 homes, the second phase of Strandeiland is one of the largest future districts in the city. Het Oog is the ‘green-blue’ living room of the new area, a place that promotes water ecology and offers space for recreation in nature.

Winding water edges in the new topography create ideal conditions for a mix of rich reed beds, natural banks, shallow areas with semi- or fully submerged aquatic plants, grassy meadows and more densely wooded areas. The area naturally purifies the rainwater collected and variation in soil depths creates the possibility of a self-purifying water landscape.

We will make the landscape perceptible with a strong network of paths with adjoining seating areas, decks, jetties and other park elements. The path structure includes a more than one-kilometre long main route from east to west, with branches to the new harbour, recreational zones for sunbathing and swimming, islands that can be reached by playful stepping stones and nature zones that offer visitors a break from the bustling city life.

The green identities of the Pampus and Muider neighbourhoods are reflected in the rich variety of landscape types in the design. In addition, the design includes a wide variety of open and secluded areas. On the west side, the park begins with a more densely wooded section that leads the visitor directly out of the urbanity and offers a wide view of the open water. Further on lies the open bay, where the main route jumps into a continuous section and a route to a sun deck, swimming area and springboard. In the next park section, the route lands on a wetland and several smaller reed islands. On the main route, visitors have a view of the landscape from seating steps and a secondary nature trail brings visitors close to the habitat of water birds and ducks. In the east, the experience is rounded off with a small bay, equipped with a seating platform overlooking the sunset.

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