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Stone River

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Location: New York / USA / Type: Nature Paths / Parks / Built:
Published on November 27, 2011

Stone River in Eastern New York State is made by Jon Piasecki, who received ASLA Honor Award 2011 for the project. The idea is simple, execution most subtle, yet very effective. See the following movie and learn how Stone River responds to the forest environment, problems of modern life, flirts with land-art, and how Jon Piasecki designs the path with all it’s elements on-site and how he beats the sh*t out of stone… Enjoy!



In this project I built a path in which I applied great effort to join stones together. I joined the path itself to the preexisting stonewall and woods in an attempt to offer the visitor the opportunity to experience a sense of fusion with nature. The goal of this project is to join culture to nature. This path provides one trajectory along which people can reintegrate with the natural world around them.

Jon Piasecki

2 thoughts on "Stone River by Jon Piasecki"

  1. Sandy Sumner says:

    I was captivated, completly drawn in by Jons passion and ability. But right now I am more than frustrated because I want to visit the Stone River project and can not find where it is located. I have spent a lot of time looking at every Google download to get an address. If the idea of this project was really to inspire interaction with nature, why the mystery location?

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