Srebrniče Cemetery

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Location: Slovenia / Type: Cemeteries and Memorials / Built: 2001 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on October 20, 2009

Srebrniče cemetery is one of the most prominent projects of Slovenian landscape architecture. It was designed in the late 90s and realized in 2001, with further stages activated when needed in the future. Implemented landscape design solution was already proposed in the design competition phase by the late Prof. emeritus Dušan Ogrin. (1929 – 2019) and Prof. Davorin Gazvoda. The project introduced new cemetery ambiences strongly defined by the forest. The most powerful intervention is the long entrance axis that penetrates the main building/farewell chapel (architect: A. Vodopivec) and fades out into the meadow. Reference to the Skogskyrkogården is evident, yet, of course, the Srebrniče cemetery reflects a more contemporary design approach.

The photos of the first gallery were taken by Davorin Gazvoda throughout the past few years, most recent are featuring the beautiful autumn colours of November of 2022.

Landscape Architecture: Dušan OgrinDavorin Gazvoda
Architecture: Aleš Vodopivec, Nena Gabrovec
Sculptures: Janez Pirnat
Location: Novo Mesto, Slovenija
Design / Construction:
2000 / 2000-2001 (phase 1)

Photos of the second gallery were taken by Landezine in the autumn of 2009.

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