Solana Ulcinj – Venice Biennale 2016

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Location: Monte Negro / Type: Cultural Heritage / Infrastructure / Post-Industrial / Wetland / Built: 2016 /
Published on April 5, 2017

LOLA: Discontinued salt production makes the future existence of the Solana Ulcinj as a wildlife sanctuary uncertain, even though the area is of great value for countless species of birds that cross the Adriatic Sea on route of the Adriatic Flyway. Salt, nutrient rich, shallow water resulted in the massive presence of birds in the salina. In turn, birds resulted in the presence of birdwatchers. Birdwatchers resulted in jobs: the saline pyramid of species. To get the pyramid stable and working again, it is essential to restart the pumps to secure the future and guarantee a basic biodiversity of the Solana Ulcinj.


That’s not enough, though. The salina could generate more colours, and more wildlife. The way to sustain this is to create hyper diversity: a maximized biodiversity by slight variations in salinity, shelter, nutrients, shading, etc. More variety means more biodiversity. More biodiversity means more visitors. The people of Ulcinj are welcome to benefit if they contribute to the hyper diversity: an investment in the ecological variations in the framework of the Solana Ulcinj.

When it comes to the salt itself, the only way to make the production of salt in the Solana Ulcinj viable, is to reduce the costs of the production and increase the value of the product. Make use of machines or invite volunteers to come in and spend their holiday harvesting salt. Create something special: produce flamingo salt for flamingo fanatics around the world! All of this can happen when we take responsibility, and make it a joint effort from all of us. Only then the Solana Ulcinj can reach its full ecological potential of 1000 species.


Type of project: masterplan/exhibition
Design: 2016
Location: Solana Ulcinj, Montenegro
Size: 14,5 km2
Client: Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism
Exhibited: The Venice Biennale 2016, Reporting from the front – The Montenegro Pavilion. Curated by Bart Lootsma and Katharina Weinberger

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