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Slices of City

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Location: France / Type: Installations / Built: 2014 /
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Optimism of the decompartmentalization – ‘ slices of city’ is a project which is a matter of the architecture, the sculpture, the landscape, the town planning and the art. It accompanies the urban project of city entry of Clichy, settles down on the site for a duration of 2 years, further to which it will be demolished.

Town planning: the Clichy’s block completed – The dimensions and the forms of the project directly arise from masses built by the urban fabric a clear global shape which it restores. All in one piece on linear 30 meters, the project is an urban facade which constitutes a contemporary sequence of the street Martre.

Art: sculpture kinetics / optical machine – The project is also a kinetic sculpture which recomposes the figure of the existing blind wall by a set of homothéties. The centers of homothéties being placed at the level of eye, various figures appear, according to the movements of the observers. In the night, reflectors set up on slices diffract the lights of the lighthouses of cars and transfigure the project in bright and kinetic sculpture.

Symbol: mutations – The «slices of city» project, as deployment of the iconic figure of the Parisian suburb that is the blind wall, symbolize the current mutation and the current dynamics in the work in the city of Clichy (reduction of the unhealthy housing environments, the construction of equipments and new housing, buildings of offices and activity, standing public places, etc.).

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: paysarchitectures

Project location: Clichy, France

Year completed: 2014

Photo credits: Pierre-Yves Brunaud

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