Singing Ringing Tree

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Location: UK / Type: Landscape Subjective / Built:
Show on Google Maps / Published on July 18, 2009

Singing ringing tree – Crown Point, Lancashire, UK
Designer: Tonkin Liu
Image credits: Richard Cawood



The sculpture is set in a windy landscape near Lancashire, and when wind blows tree is singing and ringing. Sound depends of a wind direction. See a video at the end and hear the sounds.

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2 thoughts on "Singing Ringing Tree by Tonkin Liu"

  1. Jeff Gonot says:

    Great stuff, love the clean look of the website. Question: Know of any modern landscape architecture projects in Northern Ireland and Scotland? Much appreciated.

  2. Jared Gebauer says:

    Very cool. Makes a very eerie sound that imagine would be quite a surreal experience out in the middle of an open field. Superb.

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