In the course of land recultivation of a mining area as part of a cement plant near the village of Dormettingen, not only agricultural land is being restored but a new park is being created, adding sustainable value for people and nature. Instead of clearing away the remnants of the extraction of resources left here, the site is given back to residents and visitors as a nature theme park and event setting. In this respect it offers the possibility of added value to the region.

Henning Larsen studio was initially commissioned for the design of a small lake. In the planning process the lake developed to a larger, central element with an area of 5000 square meters. The water of the lake is treated in soil filters; rainwater is collected from the park to replenish the lake, as well as the operation of a water playground. Following the planning of the lake, key elements of the park were designed, like the Knock-Plaza as well as the Lake-Plaza as a central space, where the construction of a catering and operations building was driven. With the progress of the project, Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl studio was also commissioned to plan an exhibition concept. Therefore places and scenes in the park are designed, which, combined with elements displaying information, give the visitor insights into the historical contexts and cultural landscape of the site.

The main idea for the implementation of the shale experience park is a combination of industrial character with a site-specific design.

Landscape Architecture: Henning Larsen and Siegmund Landschaftsarchitektur
Client: Holcim (Süddeutschland) GmbH
Expertise: Concept of Exhibition, Landscape Design
Design: 2012-13
Construction: 2013-14
Area: 10 ha

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