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Sesekepark Kamen

designed by /

Location: Germany / Kamen / Type: Parks / Built: 2018 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on March 8, 2021

West of the May Bridge, the Seseke Park opens up on the south bank of the Seseke in the city of Kamen as a link between the river and the city. The park brings its visitors close to the river making it a liveable experience. The Seseke promenade, as a pedestrian and bicycle trail along the river, is connected to the higher-level network of trails of the Industrial Culture Route and expands into a generous square setting that accommodates a variety of functions.

The promenade is a direct route in the urban space and a multifunctional space. From there, the Seseker Terraces are oriented towards the water. A series of steps with large platforms as seating is a new spot with a view of the river. Moving away from the promenade, the trail runs along the river. Situated in the soft banks of the Seseke, the trail provides universal access to the water and an important pedestrian connection.

Three play areas with different themes are integrated into the park concept. The themes “Climbing and sliding” and “Playing with water” are framed by a wide concrete edge in the meadow areas. The climbing structure is based on the motif of a fish trap and was developed especially for the project. The multigenerational ribbon is tied to the promenade area as a third movement theme in addition to a playground and sunbathing lawn. At Seseke Place, the southern embankment is newly reshaped and arranged with staging areas as seating edges in the green embankment.

Perennial plantings with grasses atmospherically accentuate the landscape and the lawn is inviting as a sunbathing area in summer.

The newly established connection between the ecological needs of a river landscape and the outdoor use from the residents in order to achieve an enjoyability of the existing qualities is a special achievement for this city.The park is a new identity for the city and its residents. It is a meeting place, recreational space as well as a venue for events and attracts visitors beyond the city limits. The high-end design of the open space stimulates the riverbank and is seen as a new open space focal point in the city of Kamen.


Other designers involved in the design of landscape:

Construction management: Bauer + Fecke Landschaftsarchitekten PartGmbB

Perennial Planning: Heiner Luz

Water Engineering: Fischer Teamplan Ingenieurbüro GmbH

Client: Stadt Kamen

Project location: Sesekepark, Kamen, Germany

Design year: competition 2013, 1. prize

Year Built: 2017 – 2018

Photography: Stefan Leppert

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