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Sections of the Anthropocene

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Location: New York / New York City / USA / Type: Installations / Built: 2019 /
Published on January 11, 2021

Sections of the Anthropocene explores the impact of human habitat on the earth’s surface through observation, extractions and imagined realities that expose the condition of the urban substrate. These anthropogenic “ecologies” – the hard, impervious surfaces of our roads, lots, and buildings, and the compacted soil beneath – have transformed our atmosphere, displaced plants, animals, and more recently humans, and altered the course of our collective future. But what we create, we can also change.

We observe, measure, mark, cut, extract, reposition and reframe. Through these actions, we present a new connection to the urban condition and the impact of our footprint. By breaking down monolithic paving systems and better integrating nature, the emergent urban wild offers a vision of the future that is both opportunistic and hopeful, allowing us to think more critically how to design spaces in service of people.


Design year: Fall 2018

Exhibition: Winter 2019

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