Sadovniki Park

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Location: Moscow / Russia / Type: Parks / Built: 2014 /
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Designers: “In September 22, 2014, after a complex construction works the park “Sadovniki” was opened. Now it is a modern public space with the new children and sports facilities, bicycle paths, skate park, beautiful flower beds and garden “Riga”. Park “Sadovniki” appeared on the site of a vacant lot near Andropov avenue in 1989. In the last century there were orchards (in Russian “sady”), from which the park takes its name. In 1999, the “Sadovniki” got the status of the natural complex.

For 4 months in “Sadovniki” was repaired road and path network, conducted a comprehensive landscaping, installed lighting, new benches, bins, arbors, bicycle parkings, friendly entrances. In the park, there are three modern playgrounds for children of all ages, areas for sports facilities (multipurpose court, two volleyball courts, tennis court, ping pong areas, Street workout), jogging and biking trails, a pavilion of the chess club, dance hall and a playground for dog walking. In the center of the park is a fountain area with a garden terrace, a dry fountain and the main pavilion, which will soon open a cafe and rental.

Central place of the park takes garden “Riga”, founded in 2005, designs and projects by Latvian architects bilateral cooperation Riga and Moscow (there is a garden “Moscow” in Riga). The garden has a regular structure and reflects the characteristics of the Latvian capital city. Tracks and trails plan reminded of old Riga. As a part of a comprehensive landscaping garden is completely restored by keeping the fundamental pattern layout, trees and shrubs. There was installed new hardscape based Baltic subjects: shadow canopies of wood and special steel, lattice arches, new lighting, etc. In the inner sectors of garden “Riga” were established beds of perennials with a predominance of uneven wild herbs reminiscent Baltic waves. One of the walking paths of the garden is lined with slabs on which were written the names of streets of Riga.”

Landscape Architecture: LDA Design (UK), Alphabet City (Russia)
Client: Moscow City, Department of Culture, Moscow Parks
Technical drawings: Project bureau KAPITEL (Russia)
Planting: Anna Andreyeva, Alphabet City (Russia)
Photos: © Mikhail Loskutov

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