Ruesterei Garden

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Location: Switzerland / Zürich / Type: Corporate/Company Garden / Built: 2021 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on March 27, 2023

The conclusion gained in an expert opinion about the irreparable damage to the existing trees provided the impetus for the redesign of the Rüsterei terrace and opened the possibility of transforming it into a “sunken garden oasis”. For this purpose, a landscaped embankment with high-stemmed deciduous trees with light foliage and perennial plantings was created to frame the restaurant terrace.

The design language refers to the identity-creating element of the round chimney as a relic of the old paper mill as well as to the new design of the Kalander Square, where a pattern of circles is reminiscent of the various calender roller arrangements of the paper presses. The shape of the embankment edge with round circle segments refers to this, as does the material of the paving with the joint pattern of the paving stones. The open, sanded joints allow most of the surface water to seep away.

Two staircases and a ramped staircase connect the terrace to the higher level of Kalander Square. To reinforce the flow of space, they merge into low retaining walls, which are continuous elements that close off the slope and serve as seating.

A lush vegetation of native and some suitable exotic plant specimens creates a dense vegetative spatial closure which, in combination with the topographical level difference to the higher surrounding area, accompanies the descent into an oasis.

Project Data

Landcape Architecture: Neuland ArchitekturLandschaft

Client: MEG Sihlcity, c/o Credit Suisse Asset Management Switzerland AG
Team Neuland: Ioulia Goula, Maria Viñé, Leopold Krebs
Planning and realization: 2018-2021

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