Rouen Station Area

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Location: France / Rouen / Type: Squares and Plazas / Streets / Built: 2019 /
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A major transport hub

OKRA: Rouen Rive Droite station is a major regional transport hub with over 6 million annual passengers, located in the densely built-up historic city centre of Rouen in Normandy. The station area today operates as the most important gateway to the urban region, but with its many carriageways and disorganised public space, its character has deteriorated and the space forms a barrier to key pedestrian connections. It has undergone a drastic transformation to develop connections with public transport and to improve their accessibility.

An attractive entrance to the city

OKRA has transformed this fragmented and car-dominated area into an attractive and pedestrian friendly entrance to the city. By narrowing carriageways, and redistributing car traffic and parking to surrounding streets, the public space has been reconfigured and decluttered for the benefit of pedestrians and local activities: pedestrian movement have been optimised with safe, comfortable and comprehensible connections to the city centre. The public space has been laid out as a place where people can meet and spend time, and where local businesses can display their wares.

A green square

OKRA’s design capitalises on the opportunity to improve the network of green spaces in which the area is particularly lacking. By creating a series of densely planted gardens inspired by the local impressionism heritage, the project reduces artificial surfaces and increases the biodiversity of the area with a wide range of perennials and tree species. Combined with the use of lighter natural stone, the design significantly improves the microclimate of the area, potentially reducing local temperature by as much as 4°C.

Landscape Architecture: OKRA

Client: Métropole Rouen Normandie


Project location: Rouen, France

Design year: 2016-2017

Year Built: 2019

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