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Location: California / Type: Community Gardens / Residential Parks / Built: 2015 /
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Fletcher Studio: Rivermark is a 100% affordable housing project located near the Sacramento River in West Sacramento. The Landscape Architecture draws inspiration from the geology of the Sierra foothills and the perspectival geometry of pioneering video games, such as Tempest. The project is divided into a rigorous two-foot grid, oriented on the east-west axis. Forms and materials slide and move along this grid, as if invisible tectonic “microplates” are moving along through the spaces. The landscape is a shifting of local stone boulders and concrete seatwalls that move in and out of the project breezeways, and blur exterior and interior space.

One of the greatest design challenges was in providing a high level of design, program, and material quality within the constraints of an affordable housing project budget. The project offers community garden plots, stormwater green infrastructures, a climbing wall, raised meadows, a public art installation and public plazas.

Project Title: Rivermark
Landscape Architect: Fletcher Studio
Building Architect: David Baker Architects
Location: West Sacramento, California, USA
Completion: 2015
Area: .88 acres
Image Credits: Mariko Reed

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