The Ringdijkpark bordering the Aalsmeersedijk lies in the lee of a regional recreational network and is first and foremost a community park for the citizens of the Ringdijk.

On the historical map, the dike of the Ringvaart strongly contrasts with the lower polders. The placement of these two landscape and spatial components will be played out in the design. With the creation of Schiphol Logistics Park on the northeastern side of the park, the traditional polder structure will vanish. It is our job to keep the history of the Ringdijk and its polder alive within the confinements of the park. The park tells the story of the characteristic piece of the Dutch landscape.

The area near the Ringdijk is a “Palimpsest” of calibration points within the spatial development. The historical landscape and the future design for that same area should form a dialogue. That is one of the main challenges for the landscape design of the Ringdijkpark.

Stretched between the promenade and the open water lie the open fields; grand spaces that have no assigned use. Stretched flower meadows are alternated with fresh-cut lawns for the kids to play ball. Each space will have its own theme: a football field, lawn, flower meadow, dog park, fruit orchard etc.

The outstretched area of the Ringdijkpark will be confined by a lifted cornfield. This hilly cornfield will be sown in with gracious grasses and trees. The trees have been selected in such a way that the park will have an attractive and colourful pallet throughout the year.

At the foot of the hilly cornfield in the lee of the many trees lies the promenade. The elongated and slightly lifted area looks over the open field and water. The promenade, half hardened by stabilisers, is occupied with elements. These elements are shaped by carefully placed wooden beams. These provide the promenade with seating areas as well as objects for the children to play with.

The entire park will have solid green confinement. Ash trees will follow the lines along the ditch. This path, guided by the line of ash trees will be included in the hiking structure of the Ringdijkpark.

The sustainability of the park lies in its future-proofness. The powerful lines and the spatial configuration created with them form the basis for the dynamic existence of Ringdijk Park.


Landscape Architecture: Delva

Project location: Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands

Design year: 2012

Year Built: 2014

Metalco ArchInteligence

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