Atelier LOIDL: The subsequent use of the Thyssen-Krupp steel mill in Duisburg-Hochfeld created the opportunity to turn the property, which had been used for industrial purposes for 150 years, into a lively leisure park on the river, thus strengthening Duisburg’s profile as a city on the Rhine. All the design approaches serve to strengthen the perceptibility and experience of the river landscape. If the topographic relationships (incisions, prominences) between the park and the Rhine are examined, a type of folded landscape can be seen in which the existing railway tracks (which were intrusive until now) can be viewed as the comforting link in the search for the horizontal line. The folded landscape, i.e. the interplay of varying high and low places, let a number of different spaces and utilizations develop.

Landscape Architecture: Atelier LOIDL
1st prize International Competition
Location: Duisburg, Germany
Area: 40 ha
Design: 2009
Photos by Philipp Obkircher

2 thoughts on "Rhine Park in Duisburg by Atelier LOIDL"

  1. sui says:

    the scale of the grass is breathtaking. it’s nice to see this very minimal yet bold approach

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