Restoration of Sand and Gravel Pits in Lübeck-Kücknitz

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Location: Germany / Type: Infrastructure / Restorations / Built: 2023 /
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TGP Landschaftsarchitekten is overseeing the restoration of approximately 265,000 m² of former sand and gravel pits in Lübeck-Kücknitz. These pits were used for extraction for over 35 years. Now, without the use of fertilizers and pesticides, valuable biotopes are beginning to develop. Nutrient-poor sites are rare in our intensively farmed agricultural landscape, making this restoration particularly significant.
In the future, forests and grasslands will be established in these areas. The open grasslands will provide nesting sites for birds such as skylarks, spawning grounds for amphibians, and habitats for lizards, which thrive in tree-free, sunny areas. Hay from a nearby nature reserve has been spread on the grasslands to encourage the development of species-rich vegetation featuring regional plants. To prevent the growth of trees, sheep and goats will graze the area under the management of a nature conservation association.

Additionally, water bodies with varied shore zones have been created to support amphibians. To protect these areas from external influences, hedgerows, known as “Knicks,” have been established. Visitors seeking recreation can access the area through designated gates and use the walking paths provided.

Project Data

Landscape architecture: TGP

Project name: Restoration of Sand and Gravel Pits in Lübeck-Kücknitz

Project location: Lübeck, Germany

Year completed: 2023

Photo credits: TGP Landschaftsarchitekten

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