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Location: Germany / Stuttgart / Type: Hospital Park / Squares and Plazas / Built: 2014 /
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Open Space Rems-Murr-Clinics, Winnenden

The concept of clinics at the park has been set by the Hascher Jehle architects. The buildings are integrated harmonically into the extended park. The building structure interlocks with the surrounding landscape and creates attractive qualities of livability in a green environment for patients and visitors.
The newly constructed gazebos (House A, B, C, D) are arranged around a broad square (‘Piazza’) and so form an urban entity. The square works as the main access for the buildings, especially for the main entrance of House A.

The ‚Piazza’ is built of a uniformly paved surface. In the centre of the ‘Piazza’ a lush and representative garden creates a high quality to sit down and relax. Blooming Shrubs, perennials and grasses are the base structure of the garden while these patches are overlain with a light grove of flowering cherry trees. Underneath these trees multifunctional, wooden elements invite passersby to spend some time outside.

The ‚Patient’s garden‘ is connected at the eastern and southern periphery. It is designed as nature-orientated landscape park inviting people to go for a walk and take some contemplative rest. Gently moulded meadows are sloping down towards the existing copse alongside the stream ‘Zipfelbach’. Freely arranged groves alternate with open lawns. The meadows are developed in accordance with the location as fertile meadow with grasses and wild herbs and under extensive care.

As action of compensation for the intervention of the newly built houses the western brook side is reinstated. Small places generate space to relax and offer the opportunity to experience the little stream.
The both existing ponds are kept. The surrounding areas are left as nature-orientated areas for succession and long-term fender between these ponds and the ‘Patient’s garden’.
A simple network of pathways with waterbound surface is crossing the lawns from north to south.
An existing trench is transformed into a near-nature stream.

The Café on the ground floor of House A gets an extra terrace with south-western exposition.
Green courtyards allow the light to enter the internal places of the health-center. They allow ‘green work breaks’ and direct the view on to contemplative garden scenes.

The rooftop-areas are covered with extensive green vegetation. Small terraces offer open space for patients and employees and open the view on to the surrounding landscape.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: huttereimann Landschaftsarchitektur

Other designers involved in the design of landscape:
Architektur: HASCHER JEHLE Architektur, Berlin
Planning of perennial plants: Christian Meyer, Berlin

Project location: Winnenden, Germany

Year completed: 2014

Photo credits: © Lichtschwärmer

One thought on "Rems-Murr-Klinikum by hutterreimann"

  1. silvia wichmann says:

    es espectacular la resolución de estos espacios verdes.
    muy buenas la elección de las especies vegetales que dan aire silvestre con toques de color

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