Remiseparken by BOGL Wins Danish Landscape Prize

Landezine team congratulates BOGL for winning the annual Danish Landscape Prize! We are happy that the winning project Remiseparken is featured in our archive.

Excerpt from the jury statement:

The Remiseparken has particularly impressed the jury. We are enthusiastic about the level of detail and the credible, convincing aesthetics, design and execution on site. The project is a spacious space with many refined details. Programs and technical aspects, among other things, rainwater management, are woven together in a coherent whole, which on a relatively small scale provides space for gardens, skate elements, play areas, living spaces, intimate ambiences, and walking paths. The Remiseparken offers a sense of quality, space, aesthetics and experiences beyond the ordinary and is an exquisite example of how many different considerations, functional requirements and wishes can be synthesized in a rich experience. 

– DL 2021 Jury


There were two other finalists for the DL prize, well known to Landezine; SLA (Office of Stig L. Anderson) and Marianne Levinsen who was a part of the LILA 2021 jury panel. 

Gellerup Ny Naturpark

Landscape architect: SLA + EFFEKT / Sub-consultant: COWI / Consultants: Social Action, GAME and Boris Brorman Jensen / Client: Brabrand Boligforening / Area: 130,000 m 2 / Period: Completed 2019 / Location: Aarhus


The forecourt for KB Hallen

Landscape architect: Marianne Levinsen Landscape / Total consultant: CCO / General contractor: Zøllner A / S / Lighting: Jesper Kongshaug / Client: Frederiksberg Municipality / Area: 3,800 m 2 / Period: 2018 / Location: Frederiksberg


Published on November 19, 2021

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