Redesign of The Llimoner Square

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Location: Girona / Spain / Type: Atriums / Squares and Plazas / Built: 2009 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on October 8, 2012

EMF Landscape Architecture: Llimoner Square is the epicentre of the gypsy neighbourhood in Girona. It is one of the most neglected and vandalised areas of the city. The existing square has a 2m difference in level and is broken up by terraces and walls which make it inaccessible. The proposal includes transforming the terraces into a set of grades of different heights which open up the space to create a kind of urban ‘stage’ which also incorporates access ramps as a tectonic solution for the 2m level difference. More than 100ml of unvandalizable stone seating is incorporated. Five pagoda trees (Sophores japonica) are planted to provide cool, light shade.

Location: Girona, Espanya
Landscape Architecture: EMF Landscape Architecture
Authors: Clara Jimenez, arquitecta i paisatgista (Area d’urbanisme, Ajuntament de Girona), David Pérez Ballart, arquitecte tècnic
Promoter: Ajuntament de Girona, Gobierno de España (Fondo de Inversión Local para el Empleo)
Area: 947 m2
Design: 2008
Construction: 2009
Total Cost: 181.192 €
Cost per m2: 191 € /m2
Photos: Martí Franch

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