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Red List Garden

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Location: The Netherlands / Type: Gardens / Built: 2016 /
Published on February 7, 2022

This small shady garden is an unexpectedly piece of nature. Here, plant species of the so-called Red List of endangered or extinct forest-species grow abundantly. Surprisingly, most of these species are simply for sale. From this natural garden the endangered plants can spread all over the city.

With its extreme, man-made, varied circumstances of artificial rocks and endless hedgerow landscapes, the city offers opportunities for all kinds of rather picky plants that have become rare outside the city.

So what if we actually start exploring those opportunities? What if the billions of citizens who invest hundreds of hours and hundreds of euro’s every year in their gardens start to think of themselves as possible nature developers? That’s what this garden is a manifesto for.

The layout is rather simple: a small human enclave in the abundantly wild green surroundings. Through the last years the garden changed from a 2-person garden with a lowered square of grass in the middle, into a biergarten with a big table for friends- and family dinners. The challenge in this tiny garden was how to deal with the shade of the 5 existing trees. By stretching the terrace to full length and moving it towards the edges of the garden you can sit in the sun all day. Surrounding the quadrate a gently sloping border full of (rare) forest-plants continues smoothly into the totally leave-covered garden walls. Together with the existing trees they make the garden a rare, evergreen oasis.

Because of family-expansion in 2016 the red list garden is transformed. With a big dining table that replaced the patch of lawn and other design from Weltevree like the stringlights the tiny city garden turned into a dreamy biodiversity beer-garten.


Landscape Architects: Buro Harro

Built: 2016

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