Glamping Lushna – True Glamour is Nature.

Lushna distinctive concept and lodging solutions are designed to bring the most intimate bond with nature without compromising on the comforts a hotel has to offer. Wooden signature, panoramic view and openness towards surrounding give Lushna products a strong visual identity. Lushna villas are as glamorous as the views they offer. Cute, harmonious, smart and discrete are features that come to mind. Lushna transformed simple char woodman shelter into universal and timeless architecture. In constructing and building Lushna has used the knowledge of our grandfathers and combined it with modern industrial standards and demands. Lushna follows smart and simple design, functional construction and manufacturing logic all the way from concept to detail.

Lushna is dedicated to create glamorous experiences in nature. Our mission is to change the way people perceive the quality of life. Lushna are doing it through unique concept of vacation experience in nature called glamorous tourism, popularly called glamping. Our solutions can be tailor made to your location’s theme, identity and business needs. Add value and appeal to your location with a Lushna eco village concept and distinctive design. Bring character to your wellness, vineyard, camping or hotel with luxury outdoor wooden eco pods, cabins, saunas and toilets. Glamping Lushna offers complete development of your glamping ecotourism destination. Lushna comprises designers and producers of unique Lushna luxury outdoor tents, wooden eco pods, cabins, saunas and toilets. All the products are manufactured using only the best natural material. Manufactured off-site in standard sections and assembled fast on the spots all over the world.



Lushna is a group of outdoor enthusiast, bioclimatic architects, adventurers, wood builders, marketing and hospitality experts, who believe true glamour is nature. They believe people are searching for unique experiences in nature where they can reconnect with their life and environment, to live out their passions, to make love with their life again. Lushna group connects people and companies, who share the same attitude, values, and a have the power to realize them in every day life and space, for us all.


Lushna Villa Massive pod/cabin

Bedroom in nature. 100% wood. 4 season tourist lodge equipped with massive wood furniture. 10 years of warranty. No prebuild foundations required.


Lushna Villa Green pod/cabin

Green roof or roof material adapted to location. Option of personalization with wood paint. 4 season product. 10 years construction warranty. No prebuild foundations required.


Lushna Villa Air tent

Bright & airy. Unique design with double tent canvas for ventilation, wooden frame and floor. No prebuild foundations required.


Lushna Glamorous Suite

A complete glamorous experience in nature with the comfort of a 5 star hotel suite. Glass wall opens up in full for seamless connection to the terrace and the great outdoors. The centre-space occupies king size bed perfect for romantic indulging with the view on ever-changing drama of mother nature. It is equipped with shower, toilette and kitchenette. All construction and furniture material is top quality massive larch wood. Its built to last and isolated for all seasons and climates.


Lushna Sauna Green

Finish Sauna in Lushna Villa. Green roof or adapted to the location. Interior made of suitable wood for sauna conditions. 10 years construction warranty. No prebuild foundations required.


Lushna Rainroom – Nature’s Bathroom

Comfort & amenities as in a hotel. Shower, toilet, sink and cabinet for clothes included. Unique window above the shower. Transported in one piece to any location.


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Published on November 20, 2015

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